Locklie Enterprises

Subcontracted Solution Provider

Locklie can provide an individual to an international corporation with a tailored solution to suit your needs. We are able to work with you on just a small component of a larger project or take a new product or idea and do everything to turn it into an operational company.

Ozito CO2

Supply new and refilled CO2 cylinders for their Portable CO2 system including compliance support.

Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games  – Charlwood Design

Charlwood Design were responsible of the design and supply of the Queen’s Baton . When the sponsors Telstra and NAB required ½ scale plastic replicas of the Baton, Locklie was enlisted to source a supplier and deliver over 1,000 units.

FMP Plastic Injection Moulders

FMP are an established Australian plastics manufacturer. Locklie was enlisted to source an injection moulding tool for one of FMP’s in-house designed products. This allowed FMP to concentrate on it’s daily management of the business while the tool was sourced.


The Australian Dental Prosthetist’s Association’s members had a burning question. “How much does it cost for my practice to make a set of false teeth?”.
Locklie was engaged to design a real-time software application which any Prosthetist could easily put their time and cost estimates into to produce results. The NSW Branch then had Locklie run a training and information session for its members.


Speed to Market Limited from Hong Kong were having reliability issues with a product it distributes in Australia due to a component defect. Locklie were enlisted to diagnose the problem then supply, package and distribute the necessary replacement parts. This dramatically improved STM’s response time, ensuring it’s Australian client was able to keep its market reputation and customer satisfaction at the highest possible levels.

Paintball Field Operators

Paintball field operators in Australia have been manually filling their gas cylinders for years. It is labour-intensive, often inaccurate and a potential source of repetitive-strain-injury (RSI) for it’s workers. Further, most field operators are using cylinders which are not compliant with Australian Standards. By providing legally compliant cylinders and a refilling service, Locklie has given field operators more time to concentrate on running their business rather than time-intensive manual tasks.


Co2 cylinders being prepared

Co2 filling in progress

Half scale sponsors replica