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When Ozito identified an exciting new product for the home-handyman and tradesman alike, they knew that their team of power-tool specialists didnít have the relevant knowledge or experience to handle the issues surrounding the use of high pressure gas as the power source. Locklie was engaged because of our experience in developing the necessary systems and gaining the legal compliance to put the product to market in the shortest time possible. As a direct result of the initial consulting work, Locklie now supplies new cylinders, filling and refilling to Ozito. We are happy to say that all of the targets set by Ozito to date have been delivered upon on time or ahead of time.


Locklie have been working with Oxia for over 4 years. Locklieís director was a founding member and Chief Operations Officer of Oxia. He was instrumental in the development of their corporate structure, product development, operational & IT systems design and implementation, logistics, legal compliance in international markets, staff management and more using a hands-on approach.


Locklie is working with Pharmacy & Therapeutic Advisory Consultancy Ltd to implement the best strategy for licensing its patented liver health and anti-ageing treatments on the international stage.

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Locklie is working with a number of other clients to bring new and exciting commercially sensitive products to the global market.

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