Locklie Enterprises

Product/Business establishment and development coaching

Share our years of experience. Let us be your sounding board and coach.

If youíve got a great business or product idea, but donít know what to do next, enlist our support to lead you in the right direction. We can guide you through every step of every process, help with areas youíre unsure of or just play devilís advocate about your direction and decisions.

Tap into our vast network of trusted international manufacturers and service providers.
Locklie has worked with some of the best:

  • Venture capitalists
  • Industrial Designers
  • Graphic designers
  • Engineers
  • Accountants and auditors
  • Contract and Intellectual Property Lawyers
  • Insurance brokers
  • Plastics manufacturers
  • Gas component manufacturers
  • IT Service Providers
  • Freight forwarders & Customs Agents
  • International statutory regulation bodies

We can help you find the right service providers for your needs.